• 1995

    Wang Prom Herb started from a little business by Mr. Chalerm and Mrs. Pranom Wangprom. In the beginning, they bought balms and the other herbs from Phra Chettuphon-Wimon-Mangkhalaram Temple or Wat Pho, Tha Tien, Bangkok for sell in their home area. The first store located in front of RaiKhing temple (Wat Rai-Khing), RaiKhing sub-district, Sampran District, Nakhonpathom Province.

  • 1997

    From only distribution, it made them far vision to develop real Thai herbal balm more. So they stared to study about ingredients about Thai herbs and made their first balm which is Plai Balm (Yellow Balm). Plai (Zingiber Cassumunar) have benefit for relief of muscular aches and a pain so they mixed Plai into the balm then the first real herbal balm was created. Usually a balm in Thailand would cause a hot feeling when apply on skin but Plai Balm has got extraordinary properties. It made you feel cool instead and that was the first original cool balm in Thailand.

  • 2000

    The successful of Plai Balm, The original herbal balm that made by Wang Prom Herb being a famous balm in Thailand, meanwhile, Mr. Chalerm and Mrs. Pranom had developed more. They continued to research all Thai herb then they found the benefit of Sa-Let-Pang-Pond (Baleria Lupulina) for release insect bites and also muscular aches relief. By the special smell of flower, Sa-Let-Pang-Pond balm has became the best seller product of Wang Prom Herb until nowadays. This is the real masterpiece balm.

  • 2004

    The popular of Plai balm and Sa-Let-Pang-Pond Balm in Thailand had made the company growing up rapidly. More and more herbal products were launched to the market. In this year, we moved to the next step with the guaranteed of five stars awarded winning for the Plai Balm from OTOP (One Tumbon One Product- a Government project to improve Thailand SMEs). This prize was to assure the quality and efficiency of our products and make us widely acceptable in the country.

  • 2005

    As for manufacture, we had been guaranteed the GMP from Thailand FDA. We had recognized the customers and responsibility.

  • Now

    Until now, over 20 years, we have been creating products made from real Thai herbs combined with the knowledge background. Wang Prom Herb has been recognized as the first original Thai herbal balm manufacturer and now we become the number one the best seller in Thailand. Our products have been living together with Thai people and promise to stay our royalty lastingly.